Mark Seymour - Bershire Wedding Photographer

With years of experience and the first Wedding Photography Ambassador for Nikon UK you can trust that I will be there to discreetly capture all the special moments and emotions as they happen naturally through your wedding day.

As one of a few pure London Wedding Photographers I will ensure you remain at the centre of your wedding day, spending time with your family and guests, enjoying the day you have planned so carefully, without imposed directions and interruptions for orchestrated poses.

As a documentary wedding photographer, I will record your day through beautiful story-telling images. I photograph all your images in colour and when editing, I tend to use a lot of beautiful contrasting black and white, as this enhances the intensity and depth of the image, often likened to the work of fine artists in the renaissance period using a technique called chiaroscuro.

Recommended by some of the most prestigious venues in London, you can be confident that I will deliver an album of beautiful iconic photographic memories.

I’m committed to each and every wedding knowing that there is only a single opportunity to capture these beautiful moments. Trust your wedding photography to one of the best¬†Berkshire Wedding Photographers Mark Seymour Photography

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