Martin Makowski - Nottingham Wedding Photographer

I truly believe that the recipe for awesome wedding photography is quite simple. Provide me with the best quality ingredients: love, happiness, joy and don’t be afraid showing your emotions, I will do the rest.

I love storytelling photography with no posing, prompting and most importantly without any intervention from me. Weddings are full of great moments that cannot be recreated and repeated, they have to be captured. My approach is totally unobtrusive, I blend in and carefully observe a wedding reality around me. Unexpected moments and predictable key wedding events are all very unique. Well spotted and photographed not only with an eye but a heart too, create timeless and emotive record of the special day.
For past eight years I have been photographing weddings across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and beyond.

I am Martin Makowski a Nottingham Wedding Photographer with a huge passion for documentary wedding photography where real moments count. No interruption of the wedding flow, pure storytelling.

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