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A lot of engaged couples tell me that, while they love reportage photography, they hate having their picture taken! I know how that feels. Even if cameras don’t phase you, there’s nothing better than getting pictures of people in the moment and with their guard down. That’s what I strive to pull off in a photograph.

Taking beautiful wedding photographs is only part of my charmed job. Keeping the photography breezy and relaxed is equally important and the two go hand in hand.

No two weddings are the same and I really enjoy the variety my work brings. An intimate city wedding or grand gatherings overseas, it’s all a thrill to see with fresh eyes.

Where possible, I prefer to work alone so I stay in the thick of it, reacting to the little moments as well as the big set pieces. I don’t just hang around on the sidelines taking pot shots with a long
lens. Instead, I move with the flow and make myself approachable. To be mistaken for another guest is always a great compliment!

On my website, you’ll find testimonials, clear information about my services and heaps of my wedding photography from the last 12 years.

I’m a London wedding photographer based in Islington and my flexible rates average £1695.

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