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    So, the venue or location followed by 'WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY' - then your name or brand name.
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    • Mention the venue name at least 2/3 times.
    • Mention the county and venue – Eg ‘wedding venue Kent’ or ‘Kent wedding venue’
    • Use the keyword – ‘wedding photographer’, once or twice.
    • Use the Keyword – ‘wedding photography’ once if possible.

    Please Note: Make sure it reads naturally, no point having copy just for SEO, just use your intuition here!
  • This is the important part!
    Please provide the final sentence/paragraph with your desired keyword link to your original post on your website.
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    We welcome a number of different methods for sending images, but if sharing through Dropbox, please send a direct link to the Dropbox folder in lieu of a Dropbox folder invitation. A direct link saves us both time and space, and will ensure a quicker response.
  • Image Requirements

    Please provide 25-40 images maximum!
    JPEG images in landscape @ 1050 pixels wide and 700 pixels height @ 72dpi optimised for the web.
    If you are going to include portrait images then, 1050 pixels and 1,575 pixels in height.
    If you already have images in portrait or landscape at larger sizes that's fine, no need to resize, just use them but you will need to follow the naming convention below!

    File naming: Use the venue name as below:

    And so on...
  • List your 10 favourite images from the post, they will go in the slider at the top of the post as well as in the body of the post with the other images.
  • All wedding photographers who are featured on this website will become WordPress Contributors on the website. You will have a bio box at the bottom of all your posts and a personal WordPress Author page. Just look at a post to see what we mean here.

    So, we need a couple of sentences that define who you are and your social profile links. Remember to use your location focus in the copy.

    Social links we can display:

    Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Vendors (optional)

    If you provide the contact details and social handles of up to 4 vendors from the wedding and the couple, we can dramatically extend the social reach of your post.

    This is optional but advised! 🙂
  • Please provide the vendors social handle. For example, our Twitter handle is @togs4weddings
  • Please provide the vendors social handle. For example, our Twitter handle is @togs4weddings
  • Please provide the vendors social handle. For example, our Twitter handle is @togs4weddings
  • Please provide the vendors social handle. For example, our Twitter handle is @togs4weddings
  • The Bride & Groom (optional)

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