At York Place Studios, wedding photographers Dominique and Liam Shaw believe that your memories should be captured just the way they happened: no artificial posing or interference, just creative composition, great storytelling and perfect timing. We want you to just relax and enjoy your day; live every second, laugh, dance, smile and sing knowing that we’ll be there from morning to night capturing every moment with our unobtrusive, flash-free approach.

Based in Yorkshire but travelling across the UK and Europe we are a brother and sister team and also work alongside our creative filmmaker partners (who just so happen to be family too!) York Place Films. We know how important family is to you on your wedding day and that’s why we work seamlessly together capturing not just the bride and groom’s story but all the little moments and interactions that tell the true story and relationships of your family and friends too. We’ll be there at the start capturing the banter between the groomsmen and that emotional first look between father and bride and we’ll be there at the end, capturing the euphoria, laughing and absolute craziness of the dance floor. Memories don’t stop at the first dance so neither do we.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re dedicated to capturing images that stop you in your tracks, bring your loved ones to happy tears and your friends to fits of laughter. We believe that every wedding story is completely unique and strive to create images that excite us every bit as much as they excite you. We’re committed to finding the moments that we not only see with our eyes but feel in our hearts. We are moment hunters, we are storytellers, we are Yorkshire Wedding Photographers Dominique and Liam Shaw.

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