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I’m a documentary wedding photographer based in Cornwall. I aim to tell stories. I’ll be there from morning until night, working discreetly, blending in almost like a guest, and providing wedding photographs that aren’t contrived, posed or cheesy, but lasting memories of the amazing moments, the atmosphere, the incredible emotions, the joy, the laughs the tears. In short, images that tell a unique story.

I pride myself on my ability to blend in to the wedding day, and this allows me the close access that I need to be able to create my storytelling images.

With my full day coverage, I don’t limit the hours and average between 10 and 14 hours at most weddings, I don’t believe the story finishes once the cake has been cut, it goes on into the night, so I stay there and capture it all.

I am completely obsessed with creating images that go beyond the superficial and instead make you feel something, make you live that moment again. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Cornwall who can capture your story, get in touch.


Albion Row Photography
22 Albion Row
Redruth, Cornwall TR16 5QW

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