Best of Wedding Photography 2017 – Sarah Brabbin

Many thanks to Sarah Brabbin for sharing her best of 2017

2017 has been AWESOME! No other word for it. So much laughter, so many tears, so many new friends and places. I’ve had a blast!
Looking back through the year’s photos is an absolute pleasure, and my jaw aches from smiling so much as they bring back memories of a wonderful year.

Weddings are all about people and their relationships with each other. As a kid I was always told I was too sensitive, now I wear that badge with pride, because if I wasn’t sensitive I wouldn’t be able to connect with and see such beautiful moments in time, let alone capture them as photos.

With so much doom and gloom reported in the news, weddings are like a ray of sunshine restoring faith in humanity – proof that love can conquer all if we allow it, and love can be found in the smallest of touches, the way we squeeze our families tight, our friends who are there to support us, and the kids who never fail to entertain.

Things I’ve learned this year? Our loved ones, even when they’re gone, never truly leave us. Some of the best wedding gifts are just letters – words written by our loved ones. Spending time with the guys getting ready the morning of the wedding is always hilarious.

Here we go…

Wedding Photography by Sheffield wedding photographer – Sarah Brabbin

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