Best of Wedding Photography 2016 – James Ajebon

Many thanks to James Ajebon for sharing his best of 2016.

My year as a wedding photographer was absolutely EPIC!

I have loved this year for so many reasons but the one standing out from the rest is the people I have met. My couples have all been absolutely amazing and have given me the opportunity to photograph some awesome weddings. They were funny, genuine, loving and so so welcoming. I’ve felt like a broken record in my blogs this year, saying how much I have felt part of the day when photographing a wedding! But it was the honest truth for so many of my weddings this year. I feel I’ve made some great friends and shared in the joy of all of the couples I have photographed. Witnessing and capturing people commit their lives to one another really is the best job in the world.

So when I look back on this year, I am hugely thankful for the opportunities it brought me. I feel as though I have explored every corner of Kent (although I’m sure there will be more to discover in 2017!) but have equally loved traveling the width and breadth of the country as well. I’ve seen so many tears, a whole lot of laughter and endless partying and I have loved it all. So in a word, my year has been EPIC. There are so many more I could use but I’ll save those for the next year!

Please just click on the first image, sit back and and enjoy James’s year!

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