Best of Wedding Photography 2015 – Albert Palmer Photography

Many thanks to Albert Palmer for sharing his best of 2015.

2015 was my 6th year as a Bristol wedding photographer and what an amazing year it was. I was lucky enough to travel to some amazing wedding venues I hadn’t been to before. I think I spent almost a month in Surrey with engagement shoots and weddings. I met amazing people who I am still in touch with today. I witnessed 55 new couples getting hitched. I travelled as far as Italy, France and Scotland. At this point in the year I always wonder whether the new year will be able to ‘top’ the last one, but I’m never disappointed.

Personally it was one of the best as my wife and I welcomed our new daughter Grace in to the world. Whilst my wedding day was incredibly special, I’m surprised at myself for saying that her coming in to the world was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The emotions I have about having a daughter are magnified even more and I find it helps me relate to parents on the wedding day and what their feelings might be.

2016 is already here and I can’t wait to dive in to my first wedding in a few weeks. As a result of being a responsible parent I’m sadly having to reduce the amount of work I take on. Whilst I really enjoy going to weddings the flip side is I hope to have more time to better serve the couples who hire me. Especially during those peak summer months which are always a little crazy.

Bring it on!

Please just click on the first image, sit back and and enjoy Albert’s year!

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