Best Wedding Photography of 2015 – Dan Bold

Big thanks to Dan Bold for sharing his best of 2015 wedding photography with us.

It’s been only 4 years since I shot my first wedding – a far cry (or sometimes not) from working with kids – & some may say that it shows! Opportunities have come thick and fast this past year and at times – I think it’s fair to say – I’ve been a little out of my depth. What doesn’t kill you though, right?

I’ve met so many wonderful couples and been lucky enough to have photographed some unbelievable locations. The indescribably enchanting Tuscan landscape nearly killed me (pasty Englishmen and 40° don’t mix), but what a magnificent 3-day extravaganza! I was truly put through my paces in 2015.

3 English fairy-tale Castles, 1 Oxford & 1 Cambridge university, a smattering of stately homes, halls and manor houses; an exclusive St. James’ hotel in London, 1 Abbey, 1 Cathedral and a Greek wedding at the The Royal Exchange – blah, blah, blah de blah… sorry, “place dropping is worse than name dropping” so I read…

The places are undoubtedly cool of course but it’s the people though; that’s what this is really all about. It was at one particular wedding that this was brought home. A field, some yurts, a few beers (a lot), a pig/marrow on a spit and a whole load of amazing people; that’s all you need to make memories that will last a lifetime. I certainly shall remember that day (up until around about 5 past midnight). That’s the reason I love what I do – my passion will genuinely never fade, while I get to witness true & simple love in every image I help create.

A heartfelt “cheers’ to my friend & talented photographer Jon Mold, who has been unbelievably generous, offering me his time and patience in abundance, giving me the opportunity to capture some wonderful moments and to the couples who always made me feel like a part of the family…

Anyway, here’s a few of my favourite images from last year. Thanks, Dan. xx

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