Best Wedding Photography of 2015 – Benjamin Pollard

Many thanks to Benjamin Pollard for sharing his best of 2015 wedding photography with us and you!

My dad worked as photographer and first put a camera in my hand when I was about 7, a box brownie which I still have. So a born photographer? No actually I tried graphic design, marine engineering, breaking cars and selling gas. It was my dad again that pushed me in the direction of photography in my early twenties finally, and it stuck.
The thing is though; it takes time for some people to find the right path. I’m now very happy about what I do. I find if I’m not doing a shoot at least once a week then something is missing. I’ve evolved and in some respects I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

To cut a long story very short I ended up in weddings (properly) about 3 years ago. I have steadily reinvested in equipment and training in that time, I thought my photography in 2014 was good, now I feel that work is barely recognizable. There is a burning desire to be better at every wedding, be more creative, see more emotion and I feel more positive than ever about where I’m going, and what I’m doing. 2015 was an incredible 54 wedding shoots, but the thirst for a great picture never left me throughout.

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