Best of Wedding Photography 2015 – Mark Dolby

Many thanks to Mark Dolby for submitting his Best of 2015 Wedding Photography

After predominantly working as a Leeds Wedding Photographer for the last few years, 2015 felt like the year I was able to spread my wings further, taking in weddings across Yorkshire and the UK. While Leeds will remain the primary location for much of my wedding photography in 2016 I’m looking forward to heading even further afield with weddings in London, the Midlands and even Cyprus.

Shooting throughout the year provided me with a wide variety of challenges and I really enjoyed embracing everything from summer sunsets to dusky winter nights. One of my favourite parts of the wedding day has to be the evening do and I found myself staying later and later in to the evening to really capture the party in full swing.

One of my favourite things about this year has been getting to know many more colleagues within the industry through workshops and events. I’ve made many new friends and found a really supportive community of like minded photographers who are eager to share and see us all grow.

This round up features a few of the quirkier images I shot this year, including a church cat walking down the aisle and a young flower girl sneaking a sip of wine as the bridesmaids backs were turned. Rest assured, I didn’t let the drinking session continue!

Please just click on the first image, sit back and be stimulated by the creative wedding photography of Mark Dolby.

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