Best Wedding Photography of 2015 – Kristian Leven

Many thanks to London wedding photographer – Kristian Leven for sharing his best of 2015.

2015 marked the 5 year stage in my wedding photography career, and what a ride it’s been. I often get asked how I feel about weddings, and that I must be bored of them by now – if I had to shoot at the same venue, or the same type of wedding, every single week. I’d have to agree with them. Thankfully that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything it’s allowed me to continue my love of travelling with destination weddings in Argentina, Switzerland, France, Austria and Israel in the past couple of years, with more set for Italy and California in the coming months. Plus the type of weddings are so diverse that it keeps the job interesting and exciting – whether it’s DIY garden weddings, humanist weddings, or even a village-fete themed wedding (!), the job is never dull. And I haven’t even mentioned the array of emotions I get to experience and capture! That truly is something special, and one I’m so privileged to witness. So here are my favourite moments of 2015….

Please just click on the first image, sit back and and enjoy Kristian’s year.

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